Share Draft



Once you are a full member, you may open a share draft account with us. With share draft, you can get checks or a debit card to make accessing your money more convenient. The debit cards only access share draft accounts and cannot access your main share account.

Share draft accounts require no minimum monthly balances and incur no monthly maintenance fees. A debit card can be provided to you at no cost if you request it. Paper checks can be ordered when you open the account or anytime through our link to Harland Check Printers. Check orders, replacement cards or replacement PIN numbers are at member cost (see Fee Schedule).

Our debit cards are usable at First Hawaiian Bank, Kalabash and CO-OP Network machines with no surcharges. At other machines, the credit union will not charge a surcharge fee (however, the machine may, so read any instructions/disclaimers before you use the machine).

Our share draft accounts feature Automatic Overdraft. If your share draft account is short to clear a check or charge, we will automatically take the funds from your main share account to pay the check. There is a fee for each overdraft. To avoid these charges, monitor your account well and transfer money to your share draft account before you use it.

To review our account Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, please click here.