Share Secured Loans


A share secured loan uses the money you currently have on deposit at the credit union as the collateral for your loan. You can borrow up to the amount you have on deposit. We will restrict your deposits up to the amount of your loan. We only restrict up to your loan balance, so as your loan balance becomes smaller, we restrict less of your money. Restricted money cannot be withdrawn or transferred to another type of account.

This type of loan is the easiest to get since there is no credit check required. You only need to have money deposited at the credit union. This type of loan can be used to get someone started with a credit record since it is automatically approved.

You can use money in a share certificate as collateral if you wish. If you still have a loan balance when the certificate matures, you will be required to renew the certificate at the same terms and at the current rate.

Share secured loans may be financed up to 84 months (7 years). You may select your own payment plan, as long as the loan is completed within 84 months.